About NEON

Paul T. Spraggins, Jr. earned his B.A. degree from Pepperdine University in 1963 and attended Tufts University in 1970.  Mr. Spraggins' professional career began in Los Angeles, California as Director of the Averette Home for Boys in 1963 and continued with the Watts Labor Community Action Program until 1970.  In 1973, the served as Administrator of the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board.  In 1982, he joined the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Mr. Spraggins served on a number of Boards including: National Council on Youth Leadership; Wisconsin Leadership Network; National Black Student Union; Milwaukee Urban League; Waukesha NAACP; Council for Opportunity in Education; WAEOPP; MAEOPP; Wisconsin Education Association of Student Support Program (WEASSP); and National Economic Opportunity Network (NEON).  He founded the following organizations: NEON, 2002; WEASSP, 1997; and Waukesha Branch NAACP, 1984.

Mr. Spraggins received more than 75 awards for his contributions in educational opportunity and civil rights including: the prestigious Walter O. Mason Award; the Friends of Education Award; the Honorable U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell Education Award; and the Black Excellence Award. Upon his retirement in 2002, the following scholarships were created in his honor to assist minority and disadvantaged students: Paul Spreggins, Jr. WEASSP Scholarship; Paul Spraggins, Jr. UW-Whitewater Scholarship; State of Wisconsin Campbell-Spraggins EIP Scholarship.

The NEON Corporate and Graduate Shcool Fair is a testment to his commitment to place students in the highest echelon of corporate and professional America.